Why Shea For Life? – “We’re focused on providing wholesome, handmade natural products, while contributing to the betterment of the communities we serve.” – As Khu Ra Tyehimba - Founder

Inception - It all began 13 years ago on a journey towards better health. As Khu Ra recently said, “Our family had suffered from allergies and skin issues that made us miserable. We wanted to feel and look better, so we changed what we put in and on our bodies.  Finding fresh and wholesome food was challenging but finding the same for our skin and hair was nearly impossible!  Every label we read had loads of toxins and irritants. We had no choice but to create something natural that actually provided food for our skin. We began with only the best food grade ingredients and commitment to quality is still at the core of all we do. It’s such a joy to do what we love, while finding like-minded others, committed to their best selves.”

Involvement – Giving back to the community has always been a top priority for the Tyehimba’s. That’s why regular donations to local homeless shelters have been a part of the Shea For Life way since day one. Shea For Life’s Co-Founder, Morenike, recently said, “As we continue to grow the Shea For Life family, we are inspired not only by the changes we are making in the lives of our customers, but even more so by the changes we are helping to make in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Your Part – By becoming a part of the Shea For Life Family, you’re not just treating yourself to a better you, you’re helping to fund our efforts to give back to those in need! Long story short, the more you buy, the more we give. Let’s make a difference together!

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