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"I absolutely LOVE this cream! Contains pure unrefined shea butter, whice works wonders on my skin & hair. My skin & hair are also trying to fight for it! Both LOVE this product. I've been tying other products for my hair, and so far, the simplicity and multiple uses are giving this ONE product a few hands above....several others that I have tried. Say goodbye to dry, brittle, course, dull, lifeless hair and skin. Combined with the liquid black soap, a winning combo that brings life back into my skin and hair.

Win-win all the way around!"

Megan Jenifer

"I really love your liquid black soap, I started using it about 3 weeks ago and I believe that it is working wonders for me. This soap does not dry out my skin. My skin feels so much softer. I also tried the Raw Shea Butter and it relieved a dry patch that did not go away on my face for some time but now it's gone!"


"All I can say is WOW!  I used Shea Body Butter for my hair, my skin and my feet. I do not go anywhere without it and I constantly get compliments on m skin and hair. The cream helps me keep a manly set of dreadlocks."


"Absolutely Amazing! There is no comparison when it comes to Shea for Life all Natural Products. The Shea Body Butter is my go to! The body butter supplied the REAL nutrients to bring out the natural glow within my skin, that can be seen from sun up to sun down! I also introduced the body butter to my brother who’s son suffered from skin irritations. After consistent use of the butter, little mans skin was back to normal! Not only are the products power packed with High-Quality and well researched Natural Ingredients, this amazing family also provides spiritual food for the soul. The teachings of the Kemetic tree of life, Chakra healing, meditation, and divination practices has opened the door to new avenues of creativity, and has awakening me to the halls of my ancestors. I have new sense of purpose and well intention driven path! Truly thankful for these gifts and resources!"


"My thoughts on using the African Black Soap infused with Peppermint. Initially I was apprehensive because I thought the black soap would drown out the peppermint aroma that I absolutely love. Surprising I really love this new combination. I could almost feel the vitamins A and E in the African black soap nourishing my skin while the peppermint's soothing and cooling abilities  freshened my skin. In a nut shell, I am going to be buying lots of this product. You think it is just cleaning your body on the outside but it reality it nourishes my spirit, mind, and then body from the inside out."

S. Lee

"All I can say is WoW! I used Shea body Butter on my hair and my babies eczema and it worked miracles for my dry hair and my sons itchy skin.  Thank You!"

   G. Chandler

"Using your Shea Body butter on myself and my children has made our skin softer and smoother, even during the winter time."

   N. Davenport

"We love the Cracked Foot Cream! It truly works miracles. My feet take a beating everyday. When I use your product I get instant relief. It's like having"instant soft feet" in a jar. Thank You!"

     Sabiqah M.

"My 90 year old grandmother had Colon Cancer which caused her to get sores. Using the Shea Body Butter on her everyday healed her skin and assisted in her complete recovery."

    T. Long

"After using Shea For Life's, Shea Body Butter my eczema cleared up. Nothing else I have tried has worked this well."

  A. Gray

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